Who helps the bloody dictator?


Gulnara Karimova, the eldest daughter of Uzbek dictator, the most likely candidate for the presidency in Uzbekistan, at present, it is taken in Europe, and many of the popular personality at all proud of her friendship with the "Uzbek princess".

However, if the entire civilized world has decided what is a dictatorial regime and most countries have turned away from them, then why do some celebrities not only in contact with the murderous regime, but also to flirt with them and everyone else offering to do the same?


Such examples are many, it's the singers Sting and Hulio Iglesias, they arrived in Tashkent, to show their support not only the president's daughter, which, in essence, is the rightful owner of Uzbekistan and the right hand of President Karimov, but also to express their agreement with all that is happening in Uzbekistan. Torture, human rights violations, child slavery, oppression of minorities and religious intolerance. Sting and Hulio Iglesias are not united in its desire to appease Islam Karimov. The "Smokie" and  "Boney M" arrived at the personal invitation Gulnora Karimova of Uzbekistan in 1998 and 1999, respectively. You can see who is friends with a bloody dictator and his family, angry that these public personalities have honor and respect in Europe, which is shy of everything connected with Islam Karimov, except for Germany of course.

Фотографии и информация получена с сайта Гульноры Каримовой


Montserrat Caballe


Steven Seagal


Bill Clinton





Trade mark "Chopard"  &

Festival de Cannes

  Sharon Stone, Gulnara Karimova, Elton John and co-president of Chopard Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele


Favas Gruozi and Trade mark "De Grisogono"


It should be noted that Elton John had ignored treatment of journalists that in Uzbekistan, gays are imprisoned for five years or more, where they are subjected to non-judicial punishment, simulating a suicide. However, even this did not stop the meter of rock 'n'roll from solid contributions to the fund of the Uzbek princess.


Ksenia Sobchak

Gulnara Karimova in 2008, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Alan Delon  

Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele



The world football star, UEFA Champions League Cup winner Samuel Eto`o

King of Spain Juan Carlos I

Russian singer Filipp Kirkorov

World chess champion Viswanathan Anand (India) and the 17th world chess champion Rustam Kasimjanov (Uzbekistan)

Spanish tenor Jose Carreras


Peter Lilley, a Member of Parliament of Great Britain

American actor Armand Assante and French designer Magali Raineri

French designer Magali Raineri and American actor Armand Assante

Hairdresser Michael Charalambous (UK)

Russian fashion designer Helen Yarmak


Italian fashion designers Julia Vacca and Domenico Vacca

The manager of Salvatore Ferragamo fashion house Ricardo Longobardi

UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova

Actor Gerard Butler and designer Kenneth Cole

Luigi Iperti, the President of Italian-Uzbek Chamber of Commerce


UN Secretary General Mr.Ban Ki-moon and his spouse Mrs. Yoo Soon-taek

Model Eugenia Silva and Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele, vice-president of Chopard

The famous italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli

William McDougall, president of the MacDougalls Arts Ltd

Jn Kubis, UN Under-Secretary-General

Other photo http://www.gulnarakarimova.com/en/gulnara-karimova-foto/

 Many exemplary actions, "the Uzbek Saddam and his family, unfortunately pass under the" roof "of UNICEF and the UN. Among the politicians is not too little "fan" of Islam Karimov, is Angela Merkel, Gerhard Schrder, Nicolas Sarkozy, the royal family of Spain, Turkish President Abdullah Gul, Margaret Tercher, George W. Bush, Kofi Annan, and this list could go on for a long time. Address Gulnora Karimova, you can see the resource www.youtube.com where she performs under the stage name - Gugusha. Now Gulnora Karimova, is in Spain with the rank of ambassador in Uzbekistan, where she graciously accepted the King of Spain Juan Carlos I and his wife Queen Sofia Gulnora greeted with yet another acquisition, FC Barcelona, ​​where she is to share with the football mogul Joan Laporta. Press reports that their relationship went beyond friendship.
Japan, South Korea also maintain close contact with the dictatorial regime.
As a recommendation of measures can be offered to European countries to stop all contact with the above persons and organizations representing them. Because all of them, their actions give moral support to the modern "Stalin" in Uzbekistan, and material for sure. The same support he was given and other countries in Europe, the silent crimes against humanity in Uzbekistan. But powerful people in Europe have done and are doing a lot to the dictator Karimov remains in power, and was invulnerable to criticism and punishment. Maybe tomorrow, the story itself will put everything into place and it is important how you will take place at this point in time.


In addition, tarnished his reputation contacts with the bloody regime, the Brazilian Rivaldo to support a colleague in the high society parties came footballer of Milan, Paolo Maldini and Nigerian footballer Inter's Obafemi Martins.
Gulnara Karimova, who is an avid jewelry designer, which led her to co-operate with Chopard. It is located on the 9 th position in the list of the richest ladies in Switzerland with its 600-700 million.
A list of organizations to encourage dictatorships is long, for example, the International Olympic Committee decided to hold another European Championships in weightlifting in Minsk.
Such a solution is at least puzzling. http://www.noc.by/news/htnews/204/ Another question, why would they do that? Otherwise, we should invite the IOC to host the next Olympics in North Korea. And why not?
So I ask you, given the democratic values ​​of Norway, considered undesirable from entering the country, all who support the dictatorial regimes of the ones you read above. This event is widely covered in the press. Of course, Norwegian politicians can not tell other people what to do and who have contacts, but this circumstance is unacceptable for a free Norway. I ask you, addressing your Swedish and Danish colleagues to follow your example.

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